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篇一:武松娱乐_武松国际_武松国际娱乐1、watermelon is many people‘s favorite.it is sweet and it has a lot of water.watermelon has two colors,green outside and red inside.people usually have watermelons in summer.but nowadays we can eat watermelon every season in the year.西瓜是很多人喜欢的食物.它很甜而且水量多.西瓜的颜色,外面是绿的里面是红的.人们以往通常在夏天才吃西瓜,但现在一年的每个季节我们都可以吃到西瓜了.2、Today is the first day that we start our summer camp.Everybody is amazed at the foreign teacher.They have white skin,yellow hair,blue eyes……But no one is very beautiful or handsome.Foreigners are very tall or fat.I don’t like them.White skin with them is a little ugly.All day around I found that two thirds of the day time I was sleepy.I think tomorrow will be better.3、Today is sunny day,the sunshine is very nice.I am very happy,because I meet some new classmates,chinese teachers and an Englsih teacher.They are really friendly to me.In the morning we go to meeting room to atten the opening ceremony of the summer camp.There are so many people in it.Then I have a test.In fact,I really can’t stand it.In the afternoon,we meet English teacher.He is really tall and thin.He is funny and friendly.The lesson is very interesting.We like him.Then we meet Maria Zhang.She can speak English very well.She teachs them about genesis and sing an English song.They are so great.Ho,I’m free and I’m happy!4、Full of excitementThe English summer camp begins today.We were all excited today.When we got on the bus in the morning,our guide miss Guo reminded us to take care of ourseues.She also asked us to introduce ourselves and after that,we got known with each other.How time flies!After only on hour,we got to Zhejiang University.The university is pretty,beautiful and large.The Teaching buildings and student’s building are very new.I couldn’t wait to go into the student’s building.The condition of the flat is good.The air conditioner is prepared for us.The headteacher has a strong mind,no matter how hot it was,he still helped us to solve the problems.In the afternoon,we had our first class.Mrs Zheng asked us 10 questions,and we answered them.After having dinner,my friend and I went to the supermarket to buy some fruit.How happy the day we had today!5、This holiday is my best busy holiday for I am learning English,computer and word and I fall in the weekend exam.Many times I want to take today off,but my mother said to me:“go on,you must belive that you can do it.” So I have to try.Now my English is better than 2months ago.I must thanks my mother,she is good for me.Practices makes perfect.6、How happy I am.Yesterday I finished all the work very quick,so I have a lot of time to do myself.Sometimes finish work early is a good thing,we can have more interests to do the next work.Because of this,I write English dairy eight in the morning.But I wrote it in the evening in the pass day.Everyone,if you can finish the work quickly,not lazy,just try your best.7、Travel in LijiangI heard Lijiang is a very beautiful city when I was young.I travel there in a holidy with my parents.I went there plane.I saw there were many moutain when I got out the plane.The air was fresh.We went to the Lijiang Gucehng the fist day,we bought some intresting things and had a good meal in the Lijiang Gucheng.The second day ,we went to the Yulong snow moutain,it"s beautiful,and it"s my first time see the snow.I played with the snow happily.My father told me that Yulong snow moutain is a famous place in China,many people came here every year.I was happy in this trip,even like there better than Beijing!8、It is a special day today今天是个特殊的日子.My mother sent one hundred basket of red bayberries妈妈在市场买了一百多个红红的杨梅.I like to eat red bayberries我很喜欢吃红色的杨梅.It tastes nice味道尝起来很不错.When they arrived in Shanghai到他们到了上海,they were still fresh他们仍然很新鲜.But most of them would be sent to my mother’s business friends但是大多数要给我妈妈商业上的朋友送去.I chose the best basket of red bayberries to eat我收好红杨梅不吃了.I put the rest in my refrigerator我放进了我的冰箱.Red bayberry is my hometown’s special product红杨梅是我家乡的特产.It is well-known in china在中国很知名.Many people like to eat it很多人都非常爱吃它.9、篇二:武松娱乐_武松国际_武松国际娱乐初一英语作文(附带翻译),希望对您有帮助:My FriendSally is my best friend. She is a girl. Both of us are good at English, so we often talk in English in our spare time. After school, we often do homework together. When we are playing, she runs so fast that I cannot catch up with her. She is an excellent student. She likes pop and classical music. Her dream is to become a teacher. I love my friend Sally. 翻译:我的朋友沙莉是我最好的朋友。她是一个女孩。我们俩都擅长英语,因此我们经常在业余时间用英语对话。放学后,我们经常在一起做作业。当我们一起玩耍时,她跑得很快,我追不上她。她是一位优秀的学生。她喜欢流行音乐和古典音乐。她的梦想是成为一名老师。我爱我的朋友莎莉。篇三:武松娱乐_武松国际_武松国际娱乐相信很多同学,在写作文时会遇到字数不够的问题,那么怎么写80词的作文呢?以下是千叶帆文摘小编推荐的七年级,供大家参考。 七年级英语作文篇一 Now, I am a middle school student in grade nine. It s also the last year of middle school. Therefore, I must work harder this year because I want to get good scores in the senior school entrance exam. From this semester, I get up earlier than before because I want to do some more readings. After lunch, I also spend some time in study. I usually review the knowledge I learn in the morning. After dinner, I have class in school until 21:30. It s for students to autonomous learning. Our teachers would come to the classroom, if we have any questions we could ask them. After school, I do not study at home. I think a good rest is important for me, so I go to bed early at night. Besides, due to the exam, I spend much less time in entertainment. I don t think it s bad for me, because a good senior school is my priority now. I must pay my most attention to it. 七年级英语作文篇二 Nowadays, most people have their idols. Their idols may be singers, actors, athletes and so on. People can get or learn something from their idols. I like swimming very much and my idols is a swimmer. He is Sun Yang, the most famous and popular swimmer in our country. He is the gold medalist of London Olympic Games. He became the national icon last year, because he won the gold medal in Shanghai World Swimming Championships and broke the world record. Expect for his excellent performance, Sun Yang is an attractive young man. He has warm smile and many lovely expressions. Besides, he sings well and he performs in many shows. People speak highly of his performance. 七年级英语作文篇三 Mid-autumn Festival is a popular and important lunar harvest festival celebrated by Chinese people. The festival is held on the 15thday of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar. There are some traditions in this holiday. For example, people would have a big dinner with their families. After dinner, they often enjoy the full moon which is round and bright. The other tradition of mid-autumn festival is eating moon cake. Moon cake is the essential of that day, which means reunion. As time goes by, there are various kinds of moon cakes, but they are much more expensive than before. I like mid-autumn festival because my families will get together and have a big dinner on that day.   七年级英语作文80词相关推荐: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.